April 13, 2010

Well it’s back at last, and what great start to the new season, overall excellent episode, the bit at the beginning with Lt. James and the Kino – classic, either very good acting or that’s happened to Julia in real life (kinda hope for the latter :)).

So the stones going wrong? Seems a bit odd, and if you look very carefully during the mind meld flashback sequence with Rush and the Alien you’ll see one of the Aliens holding a stone. The question then is do they already have this technology or did Rush have it with him? I guess if you think you might get left on a planet it could be useful, but without the control box? But hay, it worked in the SG-1 episode “Citizen Joe” without any control devices so I guess it might work here without one.

Space battles, yea OK I’m a sucker for a space battle and I applaud the team for getting them back on our screens, especially loving the zoom effects showing those extra bits of detail, loving the alien ships and they’ve really got the explosive clouds perfect. Just wish I could remember what the alien ships reminds me of, maybe one of the ST. Voyager alien ships… yep, this’ll bug me.. Now, maybe it’s just SkyHD, but SGU’s special effects really do shine out beyond other programs.

OK I know I might have a slight reputation for finding fault, but I’m not keen on the sound the Destiny guns make, sounds like old style space invaders down the arcade, hmm, maybe thats the idea…? Slightly more serious, I have a real problem with the damage that the aliens seem to be able to inflict on Destiny, I mean WTF, these shields can take her into a Sun (SUN!), but they can’t stand a few blasts from the aliens weapons without lightning appearing in the corridors? Maybe they were low on power because of all the weapons fire, but remember in Darkness the ship still managed to go into the sun with virtually no power… I don’t care what they say, do the calcs, it’s either Sun and Weapon proof or not you can’t have it both ways…

At last, some intelligent aliens, I had heard to them referred to as Smurfs, but I think that’s a tad cruel, I think they look really good, transparent blue skulls, not quite sure about the uniforms, but still quite interesting. I guess by the legs and arms, they’re going for an evolved type of insect, though if Rush can take one out, they can’t be that strong (I’d still bet on them in an fight against an Asgard..)

I’ve heard a few comments about the cloths Rush and Chloe lost on the alien ship, now Chloe I can understand, she’s lost some casuals sure, but Rush was wearing combat gear on the planet, so the most he might have lost is his glasses.

So, Rush kept quiet about the whole fight & being left on a planet, or did he, very suspicious chat there at the end with Camile, she obviously knows about the planted gun to frame Young, so I’d guess he’s told her about it, but who else. Surprising that with Eli using the Kino’s to do Young’s spying, it hasn’t come out yet, maybe next week.

I hate to say this (seriously), as he’s normally my favourite character, but this week Eli was a bit of a let down, not sure if it’s the writing or if David had a bad week, but some of the lines during the battle and with Young were way off (timing and content), certainly not up to his usual banter.

Must say though, I was very pleased to see Lt. Scott not bothering to ask permission and going off to rescue Chloe (even if he didn’t get off the ship, it’s the thought that counts), doubt he’d have done that a few episodes back..

And finally the ending (Er..), nice music, but why was Lt. James crying? Did TJ tell her about that chap not wanting to get involved, or was it something else (e.g. still after Scott)?

One last thing, I’m sitting here writing this watching the new series of V on Sci-Fi HD, and gotta say, whoever does V should seriously look into getting the Stargate SFX team in to do their graphics, just watched the little shuttle take off and go on the big ship, you can ‘see the joins’ shall we say. Now sure, daylight is a lot more difficult than space, but this was just sloppy, and their version of the Kino’s yikes, blurring it out to make it look fast doesn’t help chaps…


Delayed Start to SGU in the UK

March 16, 2010

As most of you will be aware, Stargate Universe returns on April 2nd in the US, so that would mean (in theory) that it will return to the UK on the 6th.

But no, Sky One has decided to compensate for the late season break in the US and start it over here on the 13th. Personally I think this is appalling, it was bad enough having to wait 4 days, now we’ll have to wait 11.

The thing with SGU is it’s not just another show, even compared to SG-1 & SGA, at least for me, it’s a whole experience, the website, chat rooms and of course Twitter all combine with the actual show to become a new type of global viewer experience. Great when we’re all watching the episodes at about the same time, but a week and a half late is going to ruin all this.

As a result this is the email I sent to Sky’s viewer relations, if you feel similar to me, feel free to mail them yourself…

Subject: Delayed Start of SGU

Hi there,

I’d like to officially log a complaint about the 11 day delay between the start of Stargate Universe in the US, and the start of SGU on Sky One.

As a long time Stargate fan I meet up with other fans from all over the world on Twitter and in chat rooms to talk about the show. This sort of delay causes real problems with accidental spoilers and so makes the whole experience a lot less enjoyable.

I’ve been told the delay is to avoid a late season break in the US schedule but as you can see from the above, with global shows such as this one, it is a lot better for the fans/viewers to keep them in sync.

Also for people like myself who blog reviews of the show (, it puts us at a considerable disadvantage to the rest of the world having it shown so much later.

In conclusion I would like to strongly urge you to reconsider your decision and start the next season on April 6th instead of the 13th.


Stephen A. Mott

Mid Season Break

December 28, 2009

Well first off I have to say this really sucks, not only with Stargate but most other series seem to take a Christmas break.

Now if it was a year-round show and they were letting the actors go home for the holidays I could understand, but we all know SGU is ‘in the can’ so it’s all just a PR thing to keep the momentum going for the next series, which is just silly, do they really think we will have forgotten it by next autumn..?

Anyway, the reason for this post, thanks to modern PVR technology I’m able to do my own Stargate Universe marathon during the holidays and as I’m watching them back-to-back it occurred to me how differently each episode changed my opinion on the characters and the series in general, so much so that I thought it worth a marathon blog of the whole series so far..

Air, one and two, real blockbuster material, really enjoyed them, would have preferred a linear time-line, but overall great episodes. The levels have been set (9/10 a linear timeline would have been 10/10)

Air part three was a bit of an anti-climax, overall a bit boring, Mat’s flashbacks were just awkward, as was Rush’s whining on the planet, the only redemption was the final scenes when the CO2 scrubbers came back on-line.(4/10)

Darkness was an up, Chloe & Eli scenes were cute & funny, Rush’s breakdown explained a lot, an overall enjoyable episode. The only small nitpick is the final scene, they should have known the ship wanted to recharge, but then that would have trashed the next episode.. (7/10)

Light, I don’t know, up’n’down, and here we are down again. Light was a bit of a non episode for me really, all it did was raise questions about whether Rush knew it was going to recharge or not. Sure there’s other questions like why did Chloe get off with Mat, then crawl back to Eli when she thought she was going to die, but overall I could have done without this episode. Entering the Sun and recharging should have been the last scene of Darkness.. Ok probably good I’m not an SG writer, but I know what I like.. (2/10)

Water, middle of the road episode here, liked bits like the alien creatures, the space suits, the anti grav sledge and some of the scenes on the planet, but the rest, Rush & Young bitching, Chloe & Mat, Young & Mat were all a bit awkward. Plus if I was to get picky I’d point out the leap in testing technology between air part 3 & this one. Mind you I did like TJ in this one, she really started to shine.. (5/10)

Earth, kinda liked this one, good SFX, could have been more, if it were a real fight though it doesn’t bode well for Destiny, but overall good. Not that keen on the whole Young, Chloe & Eli home visit, but even that had some good points. Some was a bit strange, they can fire weapons, but not steer the ship, I’d have thought, from a security point if view it would be the other way round..? But there was some good acting, got a real hate on for Telford, but LDP seems to be a real nice guy. Riley getting killed was a bit silly, duck man duck..? (7/10)

Time, well I have to say I did enjoy this one, could have done with more of a tech spin on things, but overall I liked it. Of course the big downer was the lack of an ending. The closest I found was a Kino entry on the official MGM site from Eli & Mat saying they found two Kinos saw what was happening so went and captured some creatures then sorted out a cure from the venom. Bit obvious and lame, should have had a proper ending, plus of course they would only have found one Kino, since the first was already recovered.. (6/10)

Life, first time round I thought my views on this episode might have been jaded by the lack of an ending to Time (I was a bit angry), but after seeing the Kino entry and getting some closure there, this time round should be a bit more objective. Unfortunately it doesn’t seem to have made much difference, this episode could have been so much better with the discovery of the chair and potentially other parts of the ship, but the writers completely wasted the opportunity on mamby pamby personal stuff, which I’m sure might be important to the characters, but not to viewers (like me anyway) or the overall plot – Oh no Camile is a Lesbian and Mat has a Son, quick turn the ship around, oh no wait, can’t do that… (4/10)

Justice, kinda liked this one, sure it was full of holes, but I can understand why, it was mainly a setup episode for the next one, Young needed an ultimate excuse to abandon Rush, and that’s pretty much the whole point of this episode.. I don’t really want to get hung up on the holes, I’d prefer to speculate about the next episode..(6/10)

So what will happen next? If Rush is to remain on the show he must somehow get the alien ship running, or they figure out how to turn Destiny around.

I do wonder though what happened to the alien ship that flew off destiny early on in the series? Is this the crashed ship on the planet? Tricky to say but I don’t think so, this time round I paid more attention and the one that flew off seemed to have circular shapes on the hull whereas the crashed one doesn’t appear to have any. I mean you never know, 100% continuity doesn’t seem to be a priority to SGU, so it might be..? If it isn’t maybe the ship that flew off will pick Rush up..

If I had to make a bet, my money would be on Rush getting the alien ship running and catching up with Destiny, though if this is the case, I doubt it’ll be in the next episode.. Hopefully the next one will be Rush figuring out the new ship, then the one after can be him catching up with Destiny, and figuring out where to land / dock..

Well had a nice little marathon here, 06:15 am now so should probably get off to bed once I upload this.. Happy New Year everyone!


December 8, 2009

So after last weeks break, we’re back for a mid-season finale (seems a bit stupid but hey..)

So we start off with a dead Spencer, bit of a shame really, always nice to have a bit of conflict in the story lines. Now sure I accept it looks a bit odd for the gun to be missing, but murder?

Unfortunately once you go down the murder route, ignoring basic evidence, not bringing in any CSI’s from earth, it’s bound to get a bit silly. Even though we’ve all figured out it was suicide and Rush set Young up to get unrestricted access to the chair, it takes them the whole episode.

Then we’re supposed to believe Eli missed something in the kino footage, twice.. (then plugs Apple iMovie while using a PC, come on, we’ve seen his bedroom)

I’m sure I’ve mentioned it before but I really don’t like this new format, apart from the first few episodes, this season seems to have been the writers dipping their toes in several other shows styles of writing, obviously it was CSI week in the writing room. Sure it’s getting quite good numbers, but I do wonder how many of those numbers are people like me thinking, when will it get back to the good old Sci-Fi Stargate and stop all this touchy feely crap..?

I mean this week they had the perfect chance to get into the chair in more detail, that chap could have sat in it even with Young still in control, plus they find an alien space ship to play with.

Young was so up’n’down this week went from stepping down for the good of the crew to, beating up Rush, leaving him on a planet, lying about it, then getting Eli to cover it up.

I’ve been reading & hearing about the “big” cliff hanger, I’m guessing they meant Rush being abandoned, though either that’s it for Rush (unlikely as I remember him being mentioned in scenes towards the end of the season), or he manages to get the alien ship going and catches up with Destiny.

Well that would be my first bet, second would be the chap who got zapped by the chair wakes up and manages to get control of Destiny. Either way, it didn’t feel like much of a cliff hanger, not like the end of Time, with Mat leaving a message on a kino..

So that’s it for this year, well happy new year everyone..!


November 24, 2009

Ok really confused now, so we left them all about to die last week, this week I’m expecting them to find some cool and inventive way to capture the venemous aliens, extract a cure and save the crew.. Instead it’s all back to normal, with everyone going about their day-to-day tasks, WTF?

I’m actually feeling a bit pissed off about it, so what could of happened, did they switch to some alternate time line, has Sky shown the episodes out of sequence, or did someone just assume the outcome was so obvious it wasn’t worth filming..?

Anyway, so what about this episode, well I think Marvin the robot said it best, “Life, don’t talk to me about Life”, writers should pay more attention to Marvin. I don’t know, maybe it’s the expectations left over from last weeks cliff hanger, but it was a bit on the boring side.

It started to look up with them exploring the ship and finding a chair room, until it turns out not to be a proper chair room, but some sort of knowledge repository room, which Young won’t let anyone try out (except Rush, and I doubt he’ll risk his life on it). So do they continue searching? Nope another tangent, Rush manages to get the sub-space link to the gate builder ships working and then (as it turns out) fabricates a planet rich with natural naquadria, and the promise of a way home, or not. (natural naquadria? Don’t get me started)

What else, well a few of the crew get a chance for some personal home visits, Camiel visits her girlfriend / partner, I’ve read some other posts about how pro-lesbian / poignant the scenes were, tricky for me to comment, I think I was a bit too grumpy by then to appreciate them, and considering the other scenes they’ve done in previous episodes (even this one), these seemed a bit tame (how long had they been apart?).

Mat got to visit his ex-girlfriend, finds he has a son and his ex is now a ‘dancer’, then, just when you (well I) think he’s trying to get clearance to tell her who he really is, he makes a fake call to himself to give her his pay cheque..?

Now, I know Mat’s had some bad ‘press’ in the past, and even Brian J. Smith, the actor playing him has taken some stick, and I don’t want to contribute to that in any way, but come on writers, you’ve shown Mat in a brave light, given us a glimpse of his honourable side this week, now show us how he can stand up for himself, following orders is one thing, but he’s clearly more than a military puppet, let’s see it!

Oh and then Mat has an odd dream with Telford & Young’s wife, so Young makes a visit to confront him, but gets switched back just before the fight. Then goes back pretending to be someone else, and ambushes Telford.

It is interesting to see the small holes appearing in the whole communication stones thing, I guess it leaves them with a way out, in case the writers decide to cut Destiny off from earth, or at least a new ways to mess with the characters.

Glad to see they gave TJ a bit of a rest this week, being ordered to gossip with the crew, she must have had some fun, though like Eli said, might be difficult in weeks to come.

Eli as usual had some good scenes, foot in mouth with Mat, then yoga with Chloe, not quite up to his usual humor level, but considering my grumpy mood, he did manage to prise a chuckle out if me towards the end.

It’s difficult to pick out any favourite moments or characters this week, it was all a bit ‘flat’. I guess if my arm was twisted, it would have to be Young beating up Telford, but even there I’m thinking Young should just forget his wife and get back with TJ. I wonder what repercussions there will be for that little outburst.

At this point I would normally say I’m looking forward to next weeks episode, but Sky’s announced a weeks break. WHY? surely the episodes finished, they stopped filming weeks back. No doubt some sort of US holiday, though why that would mean a break I don’t know, you’d think they’d make it a double, if everyone’s off work, more time to watch TV..?? And thanks but if I wanted to watch Continuum again, I’d put the DVD in.

Maybe I should have written this after I’ve gotten over the whole skipped episode thing.. 🙂


November 17, 2009

Time travel, alternate time lines, parallel universes, how many ways can the writers mess with the characters we know and love?

Don’t get me wrong I love this sort of thing, but boy can they be frustrating, case in point “Time” the latest Stargate Universe episode. Did I enjoy it? of course I did, but boy am I frustrated now.

I wasn’t sure about them in the early episodes, but after watching more on the website, and especially tonight’s episode, I’m really starting to like the Kino shots. Good job too really since most of this weeks episode is shot from a Kino. Starting off with a gripping scene where a few of the main characters get killed off (shame really since from that point you know somethings wrong and given the episode title it doesn’t take much to figure out what).

Still there were some really good Kino shots, Eli asking Rush his top 5 movies (Empire Eli, seriously?), Greer giving Eli a shooting lesson, loads of alien creatures burrowing in and out of our beloved cast, and of course, Mat waking up to find everyone dead (prising the Kino out of Eli’s cold dead hands – well almost).

Sadly I accidentally read about the cause of the sickness on someone elses blog, so knowing from the start it was the water from the previous episode, kinda took the edge off the mystery. However good twist that the alien creatures venom could be a cure..

Character wise, has to go to Eli this week (ok yes, again), high point being his validation over the whole Kino documentary thing, funny points throughout and low point was declaring his unending love / friendship to Chloe only to find out she’s dead (the lengths these women will go to avoid him). Rush was quite likable this week, almost sensitive giving Young the news of the dead crew, almost heroic going through a potentially broken wormhole for help? TJ another one where she’s run off her feet, poor girl, hate to think where she had to go to mentally to get that crying scene done. Greer, what was that music he was listening to, some sort of punk rap? Young was a bit laid back this week, then he died, along with most of the others, lot of death, kinda get the feeling the writers were going a bit psychopathic by this point in the series.

So how many will make it through next week? How many time resets will they have to endure..? Guess we’ll have to wait and see, God I hate cliff hangers, especially when you know none (well almost) of them really die. Maybe next time they’ll try trapping the venomous alien creatures instead of the more direct approach.

Lastly, I read on the spoiler blog that Mat & Chloe were acting like love-sick puppies on the planet, well maybe Sky cut something or maybe I blinked, but I didn’t notice much, friendly sure, but nothing too bad, certainly not worth chastising over.

I’ve also read a lot of people (well OK the actors) say this was their favorite episode,  well I think it could have been, but the frustration and cliff hanger kinda let it down for me, maybe as a double episode, but as it stands last weeks Earth stood out best for me.

Boy these posts are getting longer by the week, my iPhone typing must be getting better…


November 10, 2009

Well I have to say, they just keep getting better and better. I was getting a bit worried a few weeks back that things were slowing down but since then things have really started or pick up.

Never like it when they start off with the recaps, yea like we can’t remember what happened a few weeks back, come on guys pure waste of time, you could fit a whole extra scene in.

So Young and TJ? Can’t say I didn’t think there wasn’t something odd going on, but I didn’t think it was romance, plus I’m sure I read somewhere that TJ was a lesbian..

Bit disappointed the didn’t give more details about the ‘plan’ in the briefing (SG-1 would have had Carter doing a nice graphical presentation), but at least Eli gave us the low down just after, though a bit quick, I missed it the first time round, so it want until the end that I figured out what they were doing (probably shouldn’t eat tea during the live show)

I guess it’s intentional, but really not liking Telford, started off bad and got worse throughout the show, of course the last scene, was that Young or Telford, if Telford ouch what a b*****d..?

Eli visiting his Mum, aw poor Eli, nicely played David. I think that and the bar / car scene with Chloe was my favourite, gutted about the whole good friend talk of course, especially if she can tell him that while drunk (very cute drunk though), not that I’ve ever been there you understand..

The random body swapping was very funny, especially Young & Telford.

The whole power wasting thing, yea, so these suits can save you from being crushed by ice, but not from being thrown across a room..? Red shirt anyone? Liked the fireworks, blimey has Destiny got enough guns? Mind you if that’s all it takes to drain her power, they’re not going to do that well in a firefight…

So what did Greer do to Telford? Punched him out hopefully, but you never know..?

Loved the whole sun recharge / dialing scene, finally Rush ended an episode not the most hated person, in fact could be said he saved them all. Bit fuzzy about who knew and who didn’t a lot of knowing / surprised glances being passed around there..

Overall really enjoyed it, certainly looking forward to next weeks “Time – the team visit a lush jungle-like planet, where they fall prey to a mysterious infection. However, they soon discover that the illness is the least of their problems” sounds like fun, bet they’ve been handing out the red shirts again..


November 3, 2009

Well apart from the odd pauses in the breaks (thanks Sky1), that was a good one..

So Vanessa knows about Mat & Chloe, wonder what she’s going to do about it.. threesome? Na they wouldn’t..

Cool space suits, looked a bit similar to the Asgard ones off SGA, mind you 100k years old, not sure I’d have trusted them in a poison atmosphere, still, desperate for water..

Rush is getting worse, started off sympathising with him, but he needs to mellow out a bit and stop with the child comments to Eli.

Not sure about the whole Eli spying thing, I mean sure he’d probably be doing it anyway, but making it official, I can see that causing unrest..

So, swarming, water drinking aliens, novel, after the encounter with Mat, I thought they’d be a bit more friendly, plus didn’t they give him water? Still no doubt they missed some, or some came back on board.. I must admit I thought it was going to be an ancient guardian angel, so a grumpy swarm of aliens was a pleasant surprise..

Mat getting stuck down a hole was quite good, Young should have used the sledge to inch him up, the tremor thing was a bit too much of a fluke.

Nice role for TJ this week, good to see her in charge, even managed to ‘handle’ Rush & Greer, capture the aliens, as well as her medical duties, she must be shattered..

Looks like Young is heading for a breakdown, must be tough at the Top, glad he’s got people to stop him killing himself. Maybe he needs a holiday back on earth – without visiting the wife?

Slight lack of classic one liners this week, or maybe I just need to watch it a few more times…

Ah, one little gripe, pistols, makeshift flame throwers and a handful of bullets, isn’t it about time they ‘discovered’ the Destiny’s armory?


November 2, 2009

Tricky one Light, at the end of the last episode they were heading towards the sun, they were thinking “we’re all going to die”, I’m thinking cool, smart ship, solar recharge. So apart from them actually going into the sun to scoop up plasma, it was a fairly predictable episode story wise.

Not that I didn’t enjoy it (most anyway), some nice scenes showing a more human of some of them, ok mostly fear, but some good acting none the less.

The big disappointment was the whole Chloe/Mat thing, firstly if it was ‘real’ he wouldn’t have left her behind, orders or not he would have found a way to take her (this was a life/death thing after all, so not like he was going to be court marshalled)..

Secondly, poor old Eli, she breaks his heart, then cuddles up when she thinks she’s about to die, does she like him or not? (no one say like a brother) Hopefully she’s learnt her lesson, though dashing away from Eli to hug Mat at the end kinda makes me doubt it..

The shuttle landing scene, where to start, well, good visuals, Eli’s “why am I watching this on TV”, classic, but physics wise, kinda dubious, the shuttle would have buckled like a tin can, or at very least sprung a leak. They should have had some sort of auto docking manoeuver, where Destiny and the shuttle cooperate to match speeds.

Th big question, did Rush know what was going to happen, ok it was kinda obvious, but would I have bet my life on it, nope. So did he “know”, no, did he suspect, very probably. Should he have told anyone, well in his position, without anyone to really trust, I doubt I would have, plus it might have been false hope..

However Rush was a bit off in the last scene, he was almost being liked up to that point, there was no real reason for his reaction, apart from just being nasty to isolate himself, maybe that’s what he wants, but in a ship with so few people, probably not the best course of action..


November 1, 2009

You know how some episodes stick in your mind, and some don’t, well this one didn’t, I had to watch it again before posting this, and I’m glad I did.

I did like the whole caffeine / nicotine withdrawal thing, clever and explained a lot about Rush. In fact most of the episode was character related stuff. Now don’t get me wrong, I like getting to know the characters, but it’s a bit too intensive, we have (hopefully) got several seasons to get to know them, so spread it out a bit.. I’m a bit torn on the Kino interview thing, some are quite good, some not so good, some just plain embarrassing (possibly deliberately so, because that’s how the characters are, but not that good to watch)

Oh and classic line of the series so far “Recipes Becker, for the love of god, Recipes” well maybe just Young’s lines, but it was classic.. Then he ruins it with the gold star comment to Eli.

Now I know it’s the whole point of the new format, but this episode really makes me miss the old format. Plus there needs to be a fairer tech / character balance, I mean what did we get this episode, a battery charging plate, power cut, then the air breaking maybe 10 min vs 30 plus min character stuff.. Maybe it’s just me, but I’d like to watch the reverse of that.. 😉

Not sure what all the fuss was about the tank top scene, maybe they cut some of it over here..?