Time travel, alternate time lines, parallel universes, how many ways can the writers mess with the characters we know and love?

Don’t get me wrong I love this sort of thing, but boy can they be frustrating, case in point “Time” the latest Stargate Universe episode. Did I enjoy it? of course I did, but boy am I frustrated now.

I wasn’t sure about them in the early episodes, but after watching more on the website, and especially tonight’s episode, I’m really starting to like the Kino shots. Good job too really since most of this weeks episode is shot from a Kino. Starting off with a gripping scene where a few of the main characters get killed off (shame really since from that point you know somethings wrong and given the episode title it doesn’t take much to figure out what).

Still there were some really good Kino shots, Eli asking Rush his top 5 movies (Empire Eli, seriously?), Greer giving Eli a shooting lesson, loads of alien creatures burrowing in and out of our beloved cast, and of course, Mat waking up to find everyone dead (prising the Kino out of Eli’s cold dead hands – well almost).

Sadly I accidentally read about the cause of the sickness on someone elses blog, so knowing from the start it was the water from the previous episode, kinda took the edge off the mystery. However good twist that the alien creatures venom could be a cure..

Character wise, has to go to Eli this week (ok yes, again), high point being his validation over the whole Kino documentary thing, funny points throughout and low point was declaring his unending love / friendship to Chloe only to find out she’s dead (the lengths these women will go to avoid him). Rush was quite likable this week, almost sensitive giving Young the news of the dead crew, almost heroic going through a potentially broken wormhole for help? TJ another one where she’s run off her feet, poor girl, hate to think where she had to go to mentally to get that crying scene done. Greer, what was that music he was listening to, some sort of punk rap? Young was a bit laid back this week, then he died, along with most of the others, lot of death, kinda get the feeling the writers were going a bit psychopathic by this point in the series.

So how many will make it through next week? How many time resets will they have to endure..? Guess we’ll have to wait and see, God I hate cliff hangers, especially when you know none (well almost) of them really die. Maybe next time they’ll try trapping the venomous alien creatures instead of the more direct approach.

Lastly, I read on the spoiler blog that Mat & Chloe were acting like love-sick puppies on the planet, well maybe Sky cut something or maybe I blinked, but I didn’t notice much, friendly sure, but nothing too bad, certainly not worth chastising over.

I’ve also read a lot of people (well OK the actors) say this was their favorite episode,  well I think it could have been, but the frustration and cliff hanger kinda let it down for me, maybe as a double episode, but as it stands last weeks Earth stood out best for me.

Boy these posts are getting longer by the week, my iPhone typing must be getting better…



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