So after last weeks break, we’re back for a mid-season finale (seems a bit stupid but hey..)

So we start off with a dead Spencer, bit of a shame really, always nice to have a bit of conflict in the story lines. Now sure I accept it looks a bit odd for the gun to be missing, but murder?

Unfortunately once you go down the murder route, ignoring basic evidence, not bringing in any CSI’s from earth, it’s bound to get a bit silly. Even though we’ve all figured out it was suicide and Rush set Young up to get unrestricted access to the chair, it takes them the whole episode.

Then we’re supposed to believe Eli missed something in the kino footage, twice.. (then plugs Apple iMovie while using a PC, come on, we’ve seen his bedroom)

I’m sure I’ve mentioned it before but I really don’t like this new format, apart from the first few episodes, this season seems to have been the writers dipping their toes in several other shows styles of writing, obviously it was CSI week in the writing room. Sure it’s getting quite good numbers, but I do wonder how many of those numbers are people like me thinking, when will it get back to the good old Sci-Fi Stargate and stop all this touchy feely crap..?

I mean this week they had the perfect chance to get into the chair in more detail, that chap could have sat in it even with Young still in control, plus they find an alien space ship to play with.

Young was so up’n’down this week went from stepping down for the good of the crew to, beating up Rush, leaving him on a planet, lying about it, then getting Eli to cover it up.

I’ve been reading & hearing about the “big” cliff hanger, I’m guessing they meant Rush being abandoned, though either that’s it for Rush (unlikely as I remember him being mentioned in scenes towards the end of the season), or he manages to get the alien ship going and catches up with Destiny.

Well that would be my first bet, second would be the chap who got zapped by the chair wakes up and manages to get control of Destiny. Either way, it didn’t feel like much of a cliff hanger, not like the end of Time, with Mat leaving a message on a kino..

So that’s it for this year, well happy new year everyone..!



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