Well apart from the odd pauses in the breaks (thanks Sky1), that was a good one..

So Vanessa knows about Mat & Chloe, wonder what she’s going to do about it.. threesome? Na they wouldn’t..

Cool space suits, looked a bit similar to the Asgard ones off SGA, mind you 100k years old, not sure I’d have trusted them in a poison atmosphere, still, desperate for water..

Rush is getting worse, started off sympathising with him, but he needs to mellow out a bit and stop with the child comments to Eli.

Not sure about the whole Eli spying thing, I mean sure he’d probably be doing it anyway, but making it official, I can see that causing unrest..

So, swarming, water drinking aliens, novel, after the encounter with Mat, I thought they’d be a bit more friendly, plus didn’t they give him water? Still no doubt they missed some, or some came back on board.. I must admit I thought it was going to be an ancient guardian angel, so a grumpy swarm of aliens was a pleasant surprise..

Mat getting stuck down a hole was quite good, Young should have used the sledge to inch him up, the tremor thing was a bit too much of a fluke.

Nice role for TJ this week, good to see her in charge, even managed to ‘handle’ Rush & Greer, capture the aliens, as well as her medical duties, she must be shattered..

Looks like Young is heading for a breakdown, must be tough at the Top, glad he’s got people to stop him killing himself. Maybe he needs a holiday back on earth – without visiting the wife?

Slight lack of classic one liners this week, or maybe I just need to watch it a few more times…

Ah, one little gripe, pistols, makeshift flame throwers and a handful of bullets, isn’t it about time they ‘discovered’ the Destiny’s armory?



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