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Delayed Start to SGU in the UK

March 16, 2010

As most of you will be aware, Stargate Universe returns on April 2nd in the US, so that would mean (in theory) that it will return to the UK on the 6th.

But no, Sky One has decided to compensate for the late season break in the US and start it over here on the 13th. Personally I think this is appalling, it was bad enough having to wait 4 days, now we’ll have to wait 11.

The thing with SGU is it’s not just another show, even compared to SG-1 & SGA, at least for me, it’s a whole experience, the website, chat rooms and of course Twitter all combine with the actual show to become a new type of global viewer experience. Great when we’re all watching the episodes at about the same time, but a week and a half late is going to ruin all this.

As a result this is the email I sent to Sky’s viewer relations, if you feel similar to me, feel free to mail them yourself…

Subject: Delayed Start of SGU

Hi there,

I’d like to officially log a complaint about the 11 day delay between the start of Stargate Universe in the US, and the start of SGU on Sky One.

As a long time Stargate fan I meet up with other fans from all over the world on Twitter and in chat rooms to talk about the show. This sort of delay causes real problems with accidental spoilers and so makes the whole experience a lot less enjoyable.

I’ve been told the delay is to avoid a late season break in the US schedule but as you can see from the above, with global shows such as this one, it is a lot better for the fans/viewers to keep them in sync.

Also for people like myself who blog reviews of the show (, it puts us at a considerable disadvantage to the rest of the world having it shown so much later.

In conclusion I would like to strongly urge you to reconsider your decision and start the next season on April 6th instead of the 13th.


Stephen A. Mott