Tricky one Light, at the end of the last episode they were heading towards the sun, they were thinking “we’re all going to die”, I’m thinking cool, smart ship, solar recharge. So apart from them actually going into the sun to scoop up plasma, it was a fairly predictable episode story wise.

Not that I didn’t enjoy it (most anyway), some nice scenes showing a more human of some of them, ok mostly fear, but some good acting none the less.

The big disappointment was the whole Chloe/Mat thing, firstly if it was ‘real’ he wouldn’t have left her behind, orders or not he would have found a way to take her (this was a life/death thing after all, so not like he was going to be court marshalled)..

Secondly, poor old Eli, she breaks his heart, then cuddles up when she thinks she’s about to die, does she like him or not? (no one say like a brother) Hopefully she’s learnt her lesson, though dashing away from Eli to hug Mat at the end kinda makes me doubt it..

The shuttle landing scene, where to start, well, good visuals, Eli’s “why am I watching this on TV”, classic, but physics wise, kinda dubious, the shuttle would have buckled like a tin can, or at very least sprung a leak. They should have had some sort of auto docking manoeuver, where Destiny and the shuttle cooperate to match speeds.

Th big question, did Rush know what was going to happen, ok it was kinda obvious, but would I have bet my life on it, nope. So did he “know”, no, did he suspect, very probably. Should he have told anyone, well in his position, without anyone to really trust, I doubt I would have, plus it might have been false hope..

However Rush was a bit off in the last scene, he was almost being liked up to that point, there was no real reason for his reaction, apart from just being nasty to isolate himself, maybe that’s what he wants, but in a ship with so few people, probably not the best course of action..



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