Ok really confused now, so we left them all about to die last week, this week I’m expecting them to find some cool and inventive way to capture the venemous aliens, extract a cure and save the crew.. Instead it’s all back to normal, with everyone going about their day-to-day tasks, WTF?

I’m actually feeling a bit pissed off about it, so what could of happened, did they switch to some alternate time line, has Sky shown the episodes out of sequence, or did someone just assume the outcome was so obvious it wasn’t worth filming..?

Anyway, so what about this episode, well I think Marvin the robot said it best, “Life, don’t talk to me about Life”, writers should pay more attention to Marvin. I don’t know, maybe it’s the expectations left over from last weeks cliff hanger, but it was a bit on the boring side.

It started to look up with them exploring the ship and finding a chair room, until it turns out not to be a proper chair room, but some sort of knowledge repository room, which Young won’t let anyone try out (except Rush, and I doubt he’ll risk his life on it). So do they continue searching? Nope another tangent, Rush manages to get the sub-space link to the gate builder ships working and then (as it turns out) fabricates a planet rich with natural naquadria, and the promise of a way home, or not. (natural naquadria? Don’t get me started)

What else, well a few of the crew get a chance for some personal home visits, Camiel visits her girlfriend / partner, I’ve read some other posts about how pro-lesbian / poignant the scenes were, tricky for me to comment, I think I was a bit too grumpy by then to appreciate them, and considering the other scenes they’ve done in previous episodes (even this one), these seemed a bit tame (how long had they been apart?).

Mat got to visit his ex-girlfriend, finds he has a son and his ex is now a ‘dancer’, then, just when you (well I) think he’s trying to get clearance to tell her who he really is, he makes a fake call to himself to give her his pay cheque..?

Now, I know Mat’s had some bad ‘press’ in the past, and even Brian J. Smith, the actor playing him has taken some stick, and I don’t want to contribute to that in any way, but come on writers, you’ve shown Mat in a brave light, given us a glimpse of his honourable side this week, now show us how he can stand up for himself, following orders is one thing, but he’s clearly more than a military puppet, let’s see it!

Oh and then Mat has an odd dream with Telford & Young’s wife, so Young makes a visit to confront him, but gets switched back just before the fight. Then goes back pretending to be someone else, and ambushes Telford.

It is interesting to see the small holes appearing in the whole communication stones thing, I guess it leaves them with a way out, in case the writers decide to cut Destiny off from earth, or at least a new ways to mess with the characters.

Glad to see they gave TJ a bit of a rest this week, being ordered to gossip with the crew, she must have had some fun, though like Eli said, might be difficult in weeks to come.

Eli as usual had some good scenes, foot in mouth with Mat, then yoga with Chloe, not quite up to his usual humor level, but considering my grumpy mood, he did manage to prise a chuckle out if me towards the end.

It’s difficult to pick out any favourite moments or characters this week, it was all a bit ‘flat’. I guess if my arm was twisted, it would have to be Young beating up Telford, but even there I’m thinking Young should just forget his wife and get back with TJ. I wonder what repercussions there will be for that little outburst.

At this point I would normally say I’m looking forward to next weeks episode, but Sky’s announced a weeks break. WHY? surely the episodes finished, they stopped filming weeks back. No doubt some sort of US holiday, though why that would mean a break I don’t know, you’d think they’d make it a double, if everyone’s off work, more time to watch TV..?? And thanks but if I wanted to watch Continuum again, I’d put the DVD in.

Maybe I should have written this after I’ve gotten over the whole skipped episode thing.. 🙂



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