Well I have to say, they just keep getting better and better. I was getting a bit worried a few weeks back that things were slowing down but since then things have really started or pick up.

Never like it when they start off with the recaps, yea like we can’t remember what happened a few weeks back, come on guys pure waste of time, you could fit a whole extra scene in.

So Young and TJ? Can’t say I didn’t think there wasn’t something odd going on, but I didn’t think it was romance, plus I’m sure I read somewhere that TJ was a lesbian..

Bit disappointed the didn’t give more details about the ‘plan’ in the briefing (SG-1 would have had Carter doing a nice graphical presentation), but at least Eli gave us the low down just after, though a bit quick, I missed it the first time round, so it want until the end that I figured out what they were doing (probably shouldn’t eat tea during the live show)

I guess it’s intentional, but really not liking Telford, started off bad and got worse throughout the show, of course the last scene, was that Young or Telford, if Telford ouch what a b*****d..?

Eli visiting his Mum, aw poor Eli, nicely played David. I think that and the bar / car scene with Chloe was my favourite, gutted about the whole good friend talk of course, especially if she can tell him that while drunk (very cute drunk though), not that I’ve ever been there you understand..

The random body swapping was very funny, especially Young & Telford.

The whole power wasting thing, yea, so these suits can save you from being crushed by ice, but not from being thrown across a room..? Red shirt anyone? Liked the fireworks, blimey has Destiny got enough guns? Mind you if that’s all it takes to drain her power, they’re not going to do that well in a firefight…

So what did Greer do to Telford? Punched him out hopefully, but you never know..?

Loved the whole sun recharge / dialing scene, finally Rush ended an episode not the most hated person, in fact could be said he saved them all. Bit fuzzy about who knew and who didn’t a lot of knowing / surprised glances being passed around there..

Overall really enjoyed it, certainly looking forward to next weeks “Time – the team visit a lush jungle-like planet, where they fall prey to a mysterious infection. However, they soon discover that the illness is the least of their problems” sounds like fun, bet they’ve been handing out the red shirts again..



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