Well it’s back at last, and what great start to the new season, overall excellent episode, the bit at the beginning with Lt. James and the Kino – classic, either very good acting or that’s happened to Julia in real life (kinda hope for the latter :)).

So the stones going wrong? Seems a bit odd, and if you look very carefully during the mind meld flashback sequence with Rush and the Alien you’ll see one of the Aliens holding a stone. The question then is do they already have this technology or did Rush have it with him? I guess if you think you might get left on a planet it could be useful, but without the control box? But hay, it worked in the SG-1 episode “Citizen Joe” without any control devices so I guess it might work here without one.

Space battles, yea OK I’m a sucker for a space battle and I applaud the team for getting them back on our screens, especially loving the zoom effects showing those extra bits of detail, loving the alien ships and they’ve really got the explosive clouds perfect. Just wish I could remember what the alien ships reminds me of, maybe one of the ST. Voyager alien ships… yep, this’ll bug me.. Now, maybe it’s just SkyHD, but SGU’s special effects really do shine out beyond other programs.

OK I know I might have a slight reputation for finding fault, but I’m not keen on the sound the Destiny guns make, sounds like old style space invaders down the arcade, hmm, maybe thats the idea…? Slightly more serious, I have a real problem with the damage that the aliens seem to be able to inflict on Destiny, I mean WTF, these shields can take her into a Sun (SUN!), but they can’t stand a few blasts from the aliens weapons without lightning appearing in the corridors? Maybe they were low on power because of all the weapons fire, but remember in Darkness the ship still managed to go into the sun with virtually no power… I don’t care what they say, do the calcs, it’s either Sun and Weapon proof or not you can’t have it both ways…

At last, some intelligent aliens, I had heard to them referred to as Smurfs, but I think that’s a tad cruel, I think they look really good, transparent blue skulls, not quite sure about the uniforms, but still quite interesting. I guess by the legs and arms, they’re going for an evolved type of insect, though if Rush can take one out, they can’t be that strong (I’d still bet on them in an fight against an Asgard..)

I’ve heard a few comments about the cloths Rush and Chloe lost on the alien ship, now Chloe I can understand, she’s lost some casuals sure, but Rush was wearing combat gear on the planet, so the most he might have lost is his glasses.

So, Rush kept quiet about the whole fight & being left on a planet, or did he, very suspicious chat there at the end with Camile, she obviously knows about the planted gun to frame Young, so I’d guess he’s told her about it, but who else. Surprising that with Eli using the Kino’s to do Young’s spying, it hasn’t come out yet, maybe next week.

I hate to say this (seriously), as he’s normally my favourite character, but this week Eli was a bit of a let down, not sure if it’s the writing or if David had a bad week, but some of the lines during the battle and with Young were way off (timing and content), certainly not up to his usual banter.

Must say though, I was very pleased to see Lt. Scott not bothering to ask permission and going off to rescue Chloe (even if he didn’t get off the ship, it’s the thought that counts), doubt he’d have done that a few episodes back..

And finally the ending (Er..), nice music, but why was Lt. James crying? Did TJ tell her about that chap not wanting to get involved, or was it something else (e.g. still after Scott)?

One last thing, I’m sitting here writing this watching the new series of V on Sci-Fi HD, and gotta say, whoever does V should seriously look into getting the Stargate SFX team in to do their graphics, just watched the little shuttle take off and go on the big ship, you can ‘see the joins’ shall we say. Now sure, daylight is a lot more difficult than space, but this was just sloppy, and their version of the Kino’s yikes, blurring it out to make it look fast doesn’t help chaps…



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