Mid Season Break

Well first off I have to say this really sucks, not only with Stargate but most other series seem to take a Christmas break.

Now if it was a year-round show and they were letting the actors go home for the holidays I could understand, but we all know SGU is ‘in the can’ so it’s all just a PR thing to keep the momentum going for the next series, which is just silly, do they really think we will have forgotten it by next autumn..?

Anyway, the reason for this post, thanks to modern PVR technology I’m able to do my own Stargate Universe marathon during the holidays and as I’m watching them back-to-back it occurred to me how differently each episode changed my opinion on the characters and the series in general, so much so that I thought it worth a marathon blog of the whole series so far..

Air, one and two, real blockbuster material, really enjoyed them, would have preferred a linear time-line, but overall great episodes. The levels have been set (9/10 a linear timeline would have been 10/10)

Air part three was a bit of an anti-climax, overall a bit boring, Mat’s flashbacks were just awkward, as was Rush’s whining on the planet, the only redemption was the final scenes when the CO2 scrubbers came back on-line.(4/10)

Darkness was an up, Chloe & Eli scenes were cute & funny, Rush’s breakdown explained a lot, an overall enjoyable episode. The only small nitpick is the final scene, they should have known the ship wanted to recharge, but then that would have trashed the next episode.. (7/10)

Light, I don’t know, up’n’down, and here we are down again. Light was a bit of a non episode for me really, all it did was raise questions about whether Rush knew it was going to recharge or not. Sure there’s other questions like why did Chloe get off with Mat, then crawl back to Eli when she thought she was going to die, but overall I could have done without this episode. Entering the Sun and recharging should have been the last scene of Darkness.. Ok probably good I’m not an SG writer, but I know what I like.. (2/10)

Water, middle of the road episode here, liked bits like the alien creatures, the space suits, the anti grav sledge and some of the scenes on the planet, but the rest, Rush & Young bitching, Chloe & Mat, Young & Mat were all a bit awkward. Plus if I was to get picky I’d point out the leap in testing technology between air part 3 & this one. Mind you I did like TJ in this one, she really started to shine.. (5/10)

Earth, kinda liked this one, good SFX, could have been more, if it were a real fight though it doesn’t bode well for Destiny, but overall good. Not that keen on the whole Young, Chloe & Eli home visit, but even that had some good points. Some was a bit strange, they can fire weapons, but not steer the ship, I’d have thought, from a security point if view it would be the other way round..? But there was some good acting, got a real hate on for Telford, but LDP seems to be a real nice guy. Riley getting killed was a bit silly, duck man duck..? (7/10)

Time, well I have to say I did enjoy this one, could have done with more of a tech spin on things, but overall I liked it. Of course the big downer was the lack of an ending. The closest I found was a Kino entry on the official MGM site from Eli & Mat saying they found two Kinos saw what was happening so went and captured some creatures then sorted out a cure from the venom. Bit obvious and lame, should have had a proper ending, plus of course they would only have found one Kino, since the first was already recovered.. (6/10)

Life, first time round I thought my views on this episode might have been jaded by the lack of an ending to Time (I was a bit angry), but after seeing the Kino entry and getting some closure there, this time round should be a bit more objective. Unfortunately it doesn’t seem to have made much difference, this episode could have been so much better with the discovery of the chair and potentially other parts of the ship, but the writers completely wasted the opportunity on mamby pamby personal stuff, which I’m sure might be important to the characters, but not to viewers (like me anyway) or the overall plot – Oh no Camile is a Lesbian and Mat has a Son, quick turn the ship around, oh no wait, can’t do that… (4/10)

Justice, kinda liked this one, sure it was full of holes, but I can understand why, it was mainly a setup episode for the next one, Young needed an ultimate excuse to abandon Rush, and that’s pretty much the whole point of this episode.. I don’t really want to get hung up on the holes, I’d prefer to speculate about the next episode..(6/10)

So what will happen next? If Rush is to remain on the show he must somehow get the alien ship running, or they figure out how to turn Destiny around.

I do wonder though what happened to the alien ship that flew off destiny early on in the series? Is this the crashed ship on the planet? Tricky to say but I don’t think so, this time round I paid more attention and the one that flew off seemed to have circular shapes on the hull whereas the crashed one doesn’t appear to have any. I mean you never know, 100% continuity doesn’t seem to be a priority to SGU, so it might be..? If it isn’t maybe the ship that flew off will pick Rush up..

If I had to make a bet, my money would be on Rush getting the alien ship running and catching up with Destiny, though if this is the case, I doubt it’ll be in the next episode.. Hopefully the next one will be Rush figuring out the new ship, then the one after can be him catching up with Destiny, and figuring out where to land / dock..

Well had a nice little marathon here, 06:15 am now so should probably get off to bed once I upload this.. Happy New Year everyone!



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