You know how some episodes stick in your mind, and some don’t, well this one didn’t, I had to watch it again before posting this, and I’m glad I did.

I did like the whole caffeine / nicotine withdrawal thing, clever and explained a lot about Rush. In fact most of the episode was character related stuff. Now don’t get me wrong, I like getting to know the characters, but it’s a bit too intensive, we have (hopefully) got several seasons to get to know them, so spread it out a bit.. I’m a bit torn on the Kino interview thing, some are quite good, some not so good, some just plain embarrassing (possibly deliberately so, because that’s how the characters are, but not that good to watch)

Oh and classic line of the series so far “Recipes Becker, for the love of god, Recipes” well maybe just Young’s lines, but it was classic.. Then he ruins it with the gold star comment to Eli.

Now I know it’s the whole point of the new format, but this episode really makes me miss the old format. Plus there needs to be a fairer tech / character balance, I mean what did we get this episode, a battery charging plate, power cut, then the air breaking maybe 10 min vs 30 plus min character stuff.. Maybe it’s just me, but I’d like to watch the reverse of that.. 😉

Not sure what all the fuss was about the tank top scene, maybe they cut some of it over here..?



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