Stargate Universe, in my opinion

Well it’s been a few weeks now since the latest evolution of the Stargate series began and after David Blue pointed out Joseph Mallozi’s latest blog post, although a good read, I was a little saddened by it and felt the need to start my own blog and give my own “opinion”.

Now I consider myself a fan, a serious fan, seen the film, series, TV movies many times each, but not an ‘Uber’ fan, I don’t do dress up, conventions or house redecorating to match SG sets, and I can certainly distinguish characters from actors, plus I respect the production and FX teams for the fabulous work the do.

Also I’m not just an SG fan, there’s a lot of other SciFi shows I like, however SG is top of the list in the current seasons lineup.

Now sure, I kinda doubt anyone’s really going to read this, but at least it makes me feel better.. 😉



2 Responses to “Stargate Universe, in my opinion”

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